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Friday on Lake Effect: Activist Shiza Shahid, River Revitalization, 'Younger,' Bubbler Talk

Friday on Lake Effect

We talk with the founder of the Malala Fund about how to effectively spur social change. Then, the simple mathematics of partnering with a San Francisco non-profit to fund renewable energy projects here. Author Dr. Sara Gottfried explains the motivation for her new book, Younger. Plus the editor of an anthology of feminist works talks about what it means in 2017 and we have the latest Bubbler Talk segment.


  • Shiza Shahid, founding CEO of the Malala Fund and NOW Ventures
  • Mike Ballo, UWM engineering student
  • Dr. Sara Gottfried, functional medicine specialist and the author of Younger
  • Kelly Jensen, editor, Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World
  • Bubbler Talk
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