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Monday on Lake Effect: Women's Heart Disease, Astro-Botany, Family Recipes, Holiday Wines

Monday on Lake Effect

We discuss the disparity in how men and women experience heart attacks. Then, if NASA's plans become reality, there will be some very long spaceflights in the coming decades. We talk with a researcher from a Wisconsin lab working on ways to help those astronauts grow more of their own food. Later, we learn about a traditional Indian dish, that can be altered to match anyone’s taste. Plus, Lake Effect contributor Ray Fister encourages us to try new wines this holiday season.


  • Dr. Nicole Lohr, medical director of cardiovascular clinical trials at Froedert
  • Richard Barker, research scientist, Gilroy Astrobotany Lab at UW-Madison
  • Lucien Jung, Family Recipes contributor; Laj and Rohan Pershad-Waghray
  • Ray Fister, Lake Effect wine contributor