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Wednesday on Lake Effect: Electrical Fires, 9/11 Classroom Lessons, African American BBQ Culture, SapSap

Today on Lake Effect, reporters from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel talk about their recent investigation on how electrical fires affect the city’s Black residents. Then, we look at how the events on nine-eleven are taught in the classroom today, 20 years later. Plus, culinary historian Adrian Miller shares how he’s working to restore African Americans to the center of America’s barbecue history. And we learn about Sap Sap's new restaurant in Racine.


  • Daphne Chen and John Diedrich, reporters at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Jeremy Stoddard, professor and faculty chair of the secondary education program at UW-Madison’s school of education
  • Adrian Miller, soul food scholar & culinary historian
  • Alex Hanesakda, owner of Sap Sap