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SapSap Restaurant Opens New Location In Mount Pleasant

Alex Hanesakda
SapSap location in Mount Pleasant.

Around this time last year, the owner of SapSap joined Lake Effect's Audrey Nowakowski to discuss his pop-up restaurant and its community-driven values.

Now, SapSap has a new physical location in Mount Pleasant. Owner, Alex Hanesakda says there are a number of new things happening at the restaurant but their mission to help people learn about Laos culture through their food continues.

"The goal has always been to spread our culture through food, telling the stories of our refugee family that came here with nothing and how important immigrants and refugees are to Americans. That's what makes this country great to me; is all these different cultures come from all different walks of life and telling that story," Hanesakda says.

SapSap often gives away free meals to veterans when they visit the restaurant and works with non-profits to feed veterans.

SapSap's new sticky rice beer was created with a friend who owns a brewery in Burlington, Wisconsin. Hanesakda revealed that all those proceeds will go to We Help War Victims. "It was a no-brainer with our beer to kind of bring both worlds together and knowing that they are helping something overseas," Hanesakda recounts.

Hanesakda said he hopes the restaurant brings a sense of awareness and solidarity to the community. He recalled a situation where a man in the restaurant used a racial slur. Instead of kicking the man out, one of the employees took the opportunity to educate him.

"Our stories are our power, our food is our weapon. And it's all about educating people through food and culture with our history," Hanesakda says.

Corrected: September 15, 2021 at 4:46 PM CDT
Correction: Previously, we said that SapSap's new location was in Racine, Wisconsin. The location is actually in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin

Mallory Cheng joined WUWM as a producer for Lake Effect in 2021.
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