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Monday 11/07/22: poll worker training & safety, Capitol Notes, Leaders of Kenosha, Book of the Month

Today on Lake Effect, we learn how poll workers are trained, what they’re on the lookout for in the midterm elections, and how they’re being kept safe. Capitol Notes looks at what the campaigns are doing in the final days of the race. We speak with Leaders of Kenosha, an organization seeking justice in that community and encouraging residents to vote. Plus, bring you a reading recommendation for Native American Heritage Month in our Book of the Month series.


  • Claire Woodall-Vogg, executive director of the Milwaukee Election Commission; Dave McClurg, polling site chief inspector; Josh Kaul, Wisconsin Attorney General
  • Capitol Notes
  • Tanya McLean, executive director & founder of Leaders of Kenosha; Erica Ness, director of community engagement and operations for Leaders of Kenosha
  • Kelly Bolter, Library Services Manager for Milwaukee Public Library