UW System

The University of Wisconsin System says it needs more money in the next biennial state budget.


The Board of Regents announced Thursday that Ray Cross will head the UW System.

Three Finalists Bidding to Head UW System

Jan 2, 2014

Selection panel narrows field to: Raymond Cross, Peter Garland and Robert King. The UW Board of Regents pick Kevin Reilly's successor on Jan. 8.

After months of planning, the UW System will begin admitting students into its new Flexible Option program on Monday.

UW System to Expand Pay Scales of Some Positions

Oct 11, 2013

The UW Board of Regents says it must offer competitive salaries to lure top talent. One legislator calls the move, rewarding the  "administrative elite."

President Obama made brief mention of Wisconsin Thursday, while speaking to students at the University of Buffalo. He outlined ways states are working to hold down the cost of higher education.

“Southern New Hampshire University gives course credit based on how well students master the material, not just on how many hours they spend in the classroom. So the idea would be, if you’re learning the material faster, you can finish faster, which means you pay less and you save money. The University of Wisconsin is getting ready to do the same thing,” the President said.

UW System President Kevin Reilly Resigning

Jul 30, 2013

After nearly nine years at the helm, Kevin Reilly is stepping down as head of the University of Wisconsin System.

UW Regents Expand Tuition Freeze

Jul 11, 2013

The UW Board of Regents will freeze tuition for all students, not just resident undergrads.

The governor is recommending a 1 percent pay raise for state employees in each of the next two years.

Just days after naming UW-Platteville student Josh Inglett to the Board of Regents, the  Walker administration has rescinded the appointment.

Members of the UW Board of Regents expressed regret Thursday, that they did not adequately detail the UW System's finances to legislators.

Walker Seeks Tuition Freeze

May 16, 2013

Gov. Scott Walker wants to freeze tuition at UW system schools for the next two years.  The change is part of an amended budget request the Walker administration has submitted to the Joint Finance Committee.   The Governor also wants to cut an increase in UW system funding from $181 million to about $87 million. The changes come after news surfaced that the UW system had a $650 million surplus. Changes in the new budget proposal would lower the UW system reserve fund by $136 million.

Wisconsin is not the first state to question its universities’ books according to Kevin Kiley, a reporter with the online publication Inside Higher Education. Kiley says other states have also assumed they’ve stumbled upon a surplus, then learned otherwise.