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United Kingdom's Fort William FC Finally Wins A Match


Fort William is a small town in the western Scottish Highlands. It's got breathtaking scenery and the ugliest soccer in Britain.


The Fort William Football Club had not won in nearly two years. That's 73 matches in total. Iain Ferguson is a local journalist who's covered the team since 1996.

IAIN FERGUSON: In fact, last season was an all-time low when they were beaten, I think, 15 or 14-0 by one of the teams, which is really quite a lot in football terms.

CORNISH: Actually, that score was 16-0, but the low point in a season full of them was when Fort William was penalized nine points in the standings for using ineligible players.

SHAPIRO: To explain, in a league where you get three points for a win and one point for a draw, Fort William finished with negative seven points.

CORNISH: So the worst soccer team in Britain shocked pretty much everyone when it finally won a match last night. Iain Ferguson says even the fans were stunned Fort William took the lead.

FERGUSON: Fort William, in the match last night, drew first blood. In a remarkably short period of time - in only a few minutes, they were one ahead, which I think took absolutely everybody by surprise because there was, first of all, a stunned silence. And then everyone realized what happened and all started cheering.


UNIDENTIFIED FANS: (Cheering, unintelligible).

SHAPIRO: The Fort William fans kept on cheering as their team beat Nairn County 5-2.

CORNISH: After the match, the scene inside the locker room was joyous insanity.


UNIDENTIFIED SOCCER PLAYERS: (Chanting, unintelligible).

SHAPIRO: Fort William may still be the worst soccer team in Britain, but maybe it won't take them another 73 matches to win again. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.