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As Milwaukee Brewers chase a championship, a longtime local baseball writer adds a podcast writer Adam McCalvy at American Family Field.
Photo supplied by Adam McCalvy
WUWM writer Adam McCalvy at American Family Field.

The Milwaukee Brewers season is underway. That makes Adam McCalvy happy, and even busier.

McCalvy is in his 22nd year covering the Brewers for the Major League Baseball website, He's seen a lot of losing baseball, and a lot of winning baseball. McCalvy also witnessed the lockout of players over the winter, due to a contract dispute with the owners that has since been resolved.

As baseball tries to get fans locked back into the game, McCalvy and his colleagues have started a Brewers podcast, called Brewers Unfiltered. He told WUWM's Chuck Quirmbach, that like his online articles, the podcast won't be subject to the approval of Major League Baseball.

"I do get to cover the team, and ask questions, and write what I want to write. I hope that over the years I've built credibility that I'm covering the team in a fair way," McCalvy said.

McCalvy says over the winter, the Brewers approached him about adding a podcast. His response? "I'm a podcast geek," adding that he subscribes to a lot of "awesome NPR podcasts."

 Brewers Unfiltered post hosts (left to right) Adam McCalvy, Brad Ford and Tim Dillard.
Courtesy of Adam McCalvy
Brewers Unfiltered post hosts (left to right) Adam McCalvy, Brad Ford and Tim Dillard.

So, McCalvy has started a Brewers podcast, along with former Brewers pitcher Tim Dillard and Brad Ford, who helps run the Brewers social media department.

McCalvy says, "And what I like about what we're doing is all three of us come from very different perspectives. Brad is the former fan, super fan. Tim is the former major league pitcher who wore the uniform and actually knows what he's talking about. Then, I come at it from the perspective of a beat reporter who's talking to the guys before and after every game."

Chuck Quirmbach joined WUWM in August 2018. He focuses his longform stories on health, innovation, science, technology, transportation, utilities and business.
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