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STRYV365 teaches youth and adults in Milwaukee how to manage trauma

Stryv365 equips youth and adults in Milwaukee who are affected by trauma

At some point in our lives, we all experience trauma. Whether it comes in the form of a natural disaster, community violence or various other forms, we have to utilize effective techniques to navigate through our traumatic experiences when they face us.

For youth in Milwaukee, STRYV365 aims to help develop the mental fortitude and resilience to manage stress in an effective and healthy way.

Cody Hallowell is the vice president and general counsel of STRYV365. He says, "STRYV365 equips youth who are affected by trauma and gives their caretakers the skills, resilient mindset and optimism to create the foundation for a successful future. We fundamentally believe that all people can realize their potential and overcome any trauma faced."

The program operates by merging sports and artistic activities with mental practices. "The core of [STRYV365] is engaging, fun activities, usually involving physical movement, that internally have processes or frameworks that apply to life and [can] help somebody to become more resilient," Hallowell says.

STRYV365 prioritizes building trust with youth. "Trust is really at the center of it order to have a healthy relationship, it has to be built upon trust," Hallowell says.


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