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Attorney General Josh Kaul announces several multi-state settlements

Chuck Quirmbach
Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul discusses the state's opioid problem, and other issues, during an October news conference in Waukesha County.

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul has been announcing several multi-state settlements with corporations or multi-state efforts to pressure Congress to take action.

Kaul had so many announcements that WUWM had multi-questions for the newly reelected Democrat. Plus, we wanted to ask the state's "top cop" for updates on an abortion rights lawsuit and state Justice Department efforts to respond to Milwaukee's new homicide record.

Kaul began by talking about a recent settlement with Google over the huge company's location tracking practices, recording customer movements.

"It's vital, as people increasingly use many different forms of technology and social media, and other services, that companies are taking steps to keep people's private information private," Kaul says.

Kaul says the agreement with Google requires the firm to be more transparent with customers about its practices. The Attorney General says Wisconsin will receive more than eight million dollars from the 40-state settlement of $391 million.

Kaul also discusses a tentative $3 billion settlement with Walmart over allegations that the retailer contributed to the opioid addiction crisis by "failing to appropriately oversee the dispensing of opioids at its stores."

Wisconsin Attorney General also talks about a multi-state effort to get Congress to take stronger steps against PFAS—so-called forever chemicals—pollution during an upcoming debate over a defense bill.

Chuck Quirmbach joined WUWM in August 2018. He focuses his longform stories on health, innovation, science, technology, transportation, utilities and business.
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