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First Watch: Jacco Gardner, 'The End Of August'

Somehow this young Dutch musician has managed to capture an aesthetic that happened 20 years before he was born. Jacco Gardner makes music in the spirit of early 1960s baroque pop bands, such as The Left Banke (a group that featured a harpsichord) or late '60s Kinks, and certainly The Zombies from their Odessey and Oracleperiod. Gardner channels these sounds on a new song and trippy video called "The End Of August."

Despite drawing on influences that are 45 years old, Jacco Gardner's music feels original. For one thing it's somewhat dreamier and more layered than the music from the '60s. "I tried to use dark but colorful autumn images for the verses," says Gardner, who plays everything but drums on "The End Of August," and directed the video. "And [I] used the sun to convey a hopeful, powerful feeling in the chorus." He says the song is about the passing of summer and the way it changed his outlook on the future.

Gardner's live shows are as memorable and transporting as this video. His begins this evening, Oct. 2, at the Troubadour in West Hollywood and then San Francisco. I think he'll feel right at home.

Jacco Gardner's latest album (which doesn't include this new single) is Cabinet Of Curiosities.

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