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Bob And Linda Read Internet Movie Reviews, Part 3: 'Wolf Of Wall Street'

This year, we wanted to look back at the nine best picture nominees and remind ourselves — and you — that reactions to film are complicated, hilariously varied and wonderfully individual. So we looked over every comment for every nominee at, and we brought you some of our favorites. We'll be rolling these out between now and the Oscars, and today, we move on to Martin Scorsese's Wolf of Wall Street. (Many thanks to my dear pal Bob Mondello and rad NPR Multimedia whizzes Claire O'Neill and Kainaz Amaria. As you will see as these unfold, we had a lot of fun.) Check out our previous looks at American Hustle and Her.

Bob's sincere Internet movie review:Undeniably energetic and profanely funny, this reality-based comedy is also sprawling and overlong at three hours (and there's reportedly a four-hour cut floating around). The swearing is so omnipresent that a four-minute "F-bomb" Web version (just the profanity) tracks the whole arc of the movie.

Linda's sincere Internet movie review:I'll see it before the Oscars! I promise!

Know your stuff before Oscars day!

  • An interview with Leonardo DiCaprio on Morning Edition
  • Mark Jenkins reviews Wolf of Wall Street
  • On the movie's side dishes
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