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Songs We Love: Tennyson, 'Lay-by'

If you're over 16, you'll likely recognize the opening bars to "Lay-by" immediately. The chances are significantly slimmer that you've ever enjoyed them before. But Tennyson, a teenaged brother-sister duo from Edmonton, have taken a universal beacon of anxiety and turned it into a sedative worth hearing over and over again. (I'm not going to tip off what Tennyson sampled; that would ruin the epiphany.)

Luke and Tess Pretty began playing music in public before they were 10, and have evolved from covering the pop canon to experimenting with downtempo electronic music and jazz fusion.

"Lay-by" is the B-side to siblings' upcoming 7" With You. Hear more of Tennyson's catalog on the band's SoundCloud page.

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