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Album of the Week: The Bones by Panalure


From cover band to creating their own dark, explorative, introspective work, Milwaukee band “Panalure” releases their new album ‘The Bones’. Being their third musical effort, the band has had time to craft and hone their sound, playing to the strengths of each member. Their sound has graduated to new levels over the past few years as they have become a more cohesive unit and finally establishing the well-written stories they want to tell. The members consist of Michael De Boer (lead and slide guitar, 59); Ken Hanson (bass, 62); Kari Hoff (vocals, 40); Nathan Kilen (percussion, 43) and Fred Ziegler (singer, songwriter, guitarist, 54). The band members’ average age is over 50, and with these years undoubtedly comes a good amount of worldly knowledge and thoughts on life and death, much of which was explored on this album.

‘The Bones’ album is an adventure; taking you through interpretations of classic works of literature the likes of William Faulkner and even tales of murder. A majority of the project achieves its bleakly ominous tone by this lyrical way of death, divorce and betrayal. Songs like ‘Collection’ and ‘Milwaukee Bound’ do break up the menacing vibe carried through the other songs. It is those moments in which you can hear a certain diversity being achieved that begs the question, where will they take their music next?

The Band

The band updates their Facebook page with music and news.

This week we will be playing three select cuts off of the new album: ‘As Ah Lay Dine’ on Monday, ‘The Bones’ on Tuesday, and ‘Milwaukee Bound’ on Wednesday, all leading up to Friday when we will air a special broadcast of Panalure performing at Anodyne Walker's Point for the "Love, Lust, and Murder" live show, with ExFabula. 

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