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Chelsea Wolfe Comes With Pummel In Tow On 'Vex'

Chelsea Wolfe bends her work like shadow, doubling over or arcing her arms high, contorting its contours to effect a desired whole. The shapes she casts with her music are always dramatic and darkly balletic, the sound of someone dancing slowly into their depths and reaching a shaky peace with whatever they find in there.

"Vex," the second song from Wolfe's forthcoming Hiss Spun, stretches its three minutes towards forever. It's a knife-balance of Wolfe's hyaline voice and a trench of rhythm and black, metallic guitars screeching overhead like hawks on the hunt.

Aaron Turner, of Isis and Old Man Gloom (and founder of the much-loved ), provides a tectonic, rumbling call-and-response to Wolfe's paean to self-control in the face of madness. "Perfect psychosis / noiselessly whirrs," she sings, before welcoming the doom.

Wolfe's sixth official album, Hiss Spun, will be released Sept. 22 on . You can hear the previous single, "16 Psyche," here.

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