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The 5 Most Uplifting Tiny Desk Concerts

We've hosted roughly 900 Tiny Desk concerts, so it's a challenge to pick just five to match any superlative you can name. But "Most Uplifting"? In a field that includes Sesame Street Muppets and brass bands, Halloween costumes and Christmas sweaters, Tank and her assorted Bangas, desktop dancers from Macklemore to the guy from Gogol Bordello... look, it's basically impossible, OK? But for the purposes of this list, let's stick mostly to delicious, fantastic spectacle: Dan Deacon's wild dance competition, Mucca Pazza's record-setting 23-person cyclone of horns and costumed cheerleaders, Superorganism's sweet-and-silly commitment to playthings and sound effects, Fragile Rock's emo-puppet extravaganza and... well, Lizzo. I mean, come on.

Tiny Desks In This Playlist

• Lizzo (read more)
• Superorganism (read more)
• Fragile Rock (read more)
• Dan Deacon (read more)
• Mucca Pazza (read more)

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