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Report: "Skills Gap is More Limited Than Many Believe"

BCG data

Earlier on today's show, we heard Melanie Holmes, Vice President at Manpower Group, give details and analysis of that company's annual Talent Shortage Survey, in which almost half of the employers interviewed said they are experiencing difficulty in hiring for mission-critical positions.

Meanwhile, a management consultant - who has worked extensively with the manufacturing and energy industries - has also studied the skills gap closely and has come to a conclusion that runs counter to much of the storyline we hear.

"Trying to hire high-skilled workers at rock-bottom rates is not a skills gap." - Boston Consulting Group report

Justin Rose is a principal with the Boston Consulting Group, a global management consulting firm. The company will soon publish a report that says the skills gap is more limited than many believe - much more limited. The company's data shows that only five of the nation's largest metro areas for manufacturing show a significant or a series talent shortage. Nationally, the company says the gap is only 1% of the total manufacturing workforce, and 8% of the highly-skilled manufacturing workforce.

At the same time, the Chicago-based Rose says, it's a problem that could get much worse.

Rose joined Lake Effect's Mitch Teich by phone, and explained why he sees going on to create a gap between employers and would-be employees.