Shaun Ranft

Shaun Ranft is a writer living in Milwaukee, Wis. He wrote for and managed the online sports publication The Sports Post, and is a sports contributor for Lake Effect. However, now that the sports website came to an end, Ranft is getting back to his more creative writing side as a poetry contributor. When he isn't at his day job, Ranft finds time each day to scribble something down and eventually workshop it into a poem.

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We’re just about to the weekend, a time when a lot of people enjoy the chance to pop open a bag of chips and a beer or a soda, and watch their favorite team or their favorite sport, or whatever game happens to be on TV.

But as all diehard sports fans know, rooting for a team can be a double-edged sword. It was a game a few weeks ago that drove that point home to essayist and Lake Effect sports contributor Shaun Ranft:

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While Wisconsin sports fans may be reeling from the Bucks' tough loss in the Eastern Conference Finals, Lake Effect sports contributor Shaun Ranft says fans should take solace in what was an extraordinary season by all accounts.

Poem: Scrambled

May 29, 2019
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Shaun Ranft is a Lake Effect sports contributor and the former editor of the website The Sports Post. But as much as he loves sports, Ranft says his true writing passion has always leaned in a more creative direction — specifically poetry.

Ranft joined Lake Effect’s Audrey Nowakowski in the studio to share how he came to love creative writing, and to read the first of many poems he will contribute in the future:

stunning, desperately disengaged;
can you feel the change in the tracks?