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Milwaukee Business Journal Gets Online Redesign and New Name

Milwaukee Business Journal

For more than thirty years, the weekly newspaper, the Business Journal of Milwaukee, has specialized in business and economic news around southeastern Wisconsin.

But over those three decades, the reality of reporting that news has changed.  Now, a newspaper that waits a week to break stories is scooped by any number of other outlets, in print, on the air, and online. 

The Business Journal has had a web presence for a long time, but a redesign that launched with the current week’s newspaper is aimed at furthering its ability to cover breaking news while still publishing a relevant print edition every week.

"Our paper goes to press on Wednesday night," says editor Mark Kass. "Fortunately over the years, we’ve had a lot of great stories, and we’ve had to hope from that time it was in our paper to the time it hit the streets that it would hold."

The paper’s name has subtly changed as well to the Milwaukee Business Journal and recently named Stacy Vogel Davis as associate editor.