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Serene Door County Becomes Setting for Gruesome Murders in New Mystery Series





Wisconsin is fortunate enough to have one of the most popular destination areas in the country. Door County is known for its rustic elegance, its natural beauty, its jams and jellies. It is also known for its peace and serenity.

Author Patricia Skalka has been traveling to Door County for nearly 30 years. She and her family have a rustic cottage where they stay to enjoy the serenity and the county’s culture. But her long periods of time there got her to thinking: What about the dark side of Door County?

Enter Dave Cubiak, a character that Skalka created to explore that dark side, while having a dark side of his own. Cubiak, a former Chicago detective, relocates to Door County to get away from all the death and mayhem he’s encountered in his life. 

"At the beginning of the book, when he gets there, he’s not happy," says Skalka. "He feels like it’s all been a mistake.  So part of the story is his evolution as someone coming to feel that Door County really is his new home."

What he didn’t expect was to find more death in Door County.  There’s a murderer on the loose in her new mystery novel, Death Stalks Door County.