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Old World Wisconsin Wedding to Capture 19th Century Beauty

The television show, Mad Men, created a craze where people embraced vintage. Fans would throw parties and have vintage-themed weddings where the guests were to wear vintage clothing.

A couple at Old World Wisconsin is taking that idea to a new level.

Anne Danko and Karl Kaphengst are having a vintage wedding. But they won’t dress up in 1960s mod clothing. Instead, their look will be 1870s Pomeranian.

Danko is a historic interpreter at Old World Wisconsin and Kaphengst is the museum’s food and crafts coordinator. 

The couple met while working at the living history museum, Old World Wisconsin.  And they’ll return there tomorrow to get married at the museum’s Koepsell House.

In preparation, they have spent the past year researching and recreating the era with details ranging from the bride’s dress to the hochzeitsbitter.  The hochzeitsbitter's role, traditionally filled by the bride’s brother, is to dress in festive clothing and walk around town inviting the townspeople to the wedding.

“Probably the biggest, most important thing about Pomeranian-style weddings, and many European weddings, is that they are a community event,” says Danko. “They are intended to be a celebration by the community.”

Danko, Kaphengst and Old World Wisconsininvites the public to take part in the wedding festivities. The ceremony begins at 2 pm in front of the Koepsell House on Saturday, September 6. Guests do not need 1870s Pomeranian attire, but they can if they would like.