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Can More Of Milwaukee's Brownfields Thrive Once Again?

The Sigma Group

The Milwaukee-based Public Policy Forum issued a report earlier this fall analyzing the success of the Menomonee Valley's rebirth. 

One of the aims of the report was to take what was learned from the Valley and apply it to other areas of the city that face similar challenges.

One area that many - both in government and industry - are looking to as the next priority is what's known as the 30th Street Corridor.

It's an area that includes the Century City project already underway at 35th and Capitol. The area encompasses 880 acres, stretching from the Menomonee Valley at the south to Hampton Avenue on the north. Neighborhoods, existing industrial space and blighted brownfields make up the 30th Street Corridor.

The massive effort to turn the region around is the subject of a six-part series, called Corridor of Dreams,  by UrbanMilwaukee's Susan Nusser.  She joins Lake Effect's Mitch Teich to share the challenges and opportunities the area faces.

"Parts is Milwaukee's culture...we didn't make the cars, we made the pieces that went into cars. And this Corridor is really about all these parts and are they going to come together in some kind of coordinated effort," Nusser says. "There seems to be a common vision, but it's not clear if they have come together to articulate that to each other and to confirm that that's the shared vision."

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