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Sports Trivia: Who is Brian Lammi?

Adam Ryan Morris/Milwaukee Magazine

For as long as there have been magazines, television and sports, there have been professional athletes appearing in commercials and advertisements, endorsing products. 

Who can forget Aaron Rodgers’s State Farm commercials, or the classic Bert Jones commercial for Miller Lite, or Junior Spivey’s Dairy Queen ads? Well, most of them, anyway.

A player’s advertising work can do a lot of things for that player’s image. And for many Wisconsin athletes – and some national ones – the route to those endorsements starts in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. Writer Doug Russell profiles marketing agent Brian Lammi in the current issue of Milwaukee Magazine

Russell joins Lake Effect's Mitch Teich to share more.

"I mean, you can go through the locker room right now in Green Bay – and Clay Matthews and Jordy Nelson – just to name a couple of current Green Bay Packers. You can, again, go through the locker room and say ‘Lammi guy, Lammi guy, Lammi guy. That’s a Lammi guy," Russell says.