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Science Fiction of the Past Becomes Technology of the Present

Steven Kotler's latest work, Tomorrowland, chronicles his research of technologies from decades past.

It’s probably safe to say that fans of science fiction are fans of technology. From Star Trek or Doctor Who to the novels of Isaac Azimov or Ernest Cline, technology plays a major role. Usually the capabilities described in those books or TV series are far more advanced than anything we currently use or could even imagine.

However, reality has been rapidly catching up with fiction over the past 20 years, and along with it have come ethical and moral questions only confronted in fictional worlds.

Journalist Steven Kotler has been exploring how what once seemed the stuff of fiction has become, or is on the way to becoming, fact. His new book, Tomorrowland: Our Journey from Science Fiction to Science Fact, is an investigation of those moments and the impact it has on our culture.


Bonnie North
Bonnie joined WUWM in March 2006 as the Arts Producer of the locally produced weekday magazine program Lake Effect.