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Impact of Milwaukee Ordinance Regulating Where Convicted Sex Offenders Can Live

Jabril Faraj, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service
Milwaukee passed an ordinance regulating where sex offenders can live – now many of those offenders have fallen off the radar.";

Last year, the Milwaukee Common Council adopted an ordinance regulating where convicted sex offenders are and are not allowed to live within the city limits.

And while the law might give comfort to some who are concerned about whether such offenders are living in close proximity to places like schools, a report in the online Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service says we may actually, now, have less idea where offenders are living. 

"Essentially what’s happening is that people who have been released since this ordinance has come about are ending up on the streets. Because of this ordinance, there are precious few places in the city left to live," reporter Jabril Faraj says.

"Being in an unstable environment like that, being homeless, not having support systems around you - it makes it more likely that these people are going to re-offend," he says.

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