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Ex Fabula: Doors Open Milwaukee

Photo by Art Montes
Storyteller Tom Shanahan

This week we’re celebrating the upcoming Doors Open Milwaukee with two different stories about life in and around this city we call “Home.”

In February of 2014 we returned to The Times Cinema for our “Bonus” StorySlam. Tom Shanahan took to the stage and took us back to his childhood days in Wauwatosa, when he and his friends would, somehow, find their way into Times Cinema after hours where there was candy, soda and popcorn a plenty. Listen in to hear Tom’s adventures in the theater, which included a run-in with local law enforcement.

Credit Photo by Art Montes
Storyteller and Season 7 All-Star Spectacular winner, Jeanette Arellano.

Our Season 7 All-Star Spectacular winner, Jeanette Arellano, came to Milwaukee from Texas to study art. Milwaukee was a culture shock. She had never experienced so many white faces or this thing they call “quinoa” or hummus, for that matter. She found herself yearning for the tortillas, which she so eschewed as a child. From tortillas to her first bus ride down National Avenue, Jeanette shared an entertaining and heartfelt story of finding her roots and planting them in Milwaukee.

Do you know someone who always has great stories about Milwaukee neighborhoods? Or do you have stories about Milwaukee spaces? Ex Fabula and Historic Milwaukee are partnering to present a Milwaukee neighborhood inspired StorySlam on Saturday September 17 and we’re looking for a few storytellers! This storytelling event, offered as part of Doors Open Milwaukee, will be noncompetitive and all storytellers will be confirmed in advance. For more information about the event and how YOU can tell your favorite Milwaukee story, visit

Season 8 is only two months away! There’s still time to vote for the StorySlam themes YOU’D like to hear in Season 8. Voting closes Sunday evening so cast your votes today. There are no hanging Chads in this election process!

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