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Empowering Girls, Empowering Youth at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee

Boys and Girls Clubs

Whether its Beyonce's Run the World (Girls) or Emma Watson's (Hermione from Harry Potter) #HeforShe campaign, young people are increasingly seeing the world through the lens of female empowerment.

When it started, more than 125 years ago, The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee only served boys, but they’ve progressed over the intervening decades.  Since 1984, the organization has been open to girls as well.

On Thursday evening, the Club will honor the role of these girls, both in the club and in greater society. Vincent Lyles, President of Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, says that the upcoming event, "Celebrating Girls," celebrates the anniversary of integrating girls into the clubs.

"Part of what happens is an 'Opportunity Auction,'" he says. "So, you as a donor say, 'OK, I'm going to give the Boys and Girls club $100,' but [also] the girl gets a chance to have a unique and special experience. Whether it's being on a sailboat, or sitting down with the CEO of so-and-so or coming to the studio and doing an interview."

He also says that the Boys and Girls Club aims to have the children get hands on experiences. He says that this is important to help them think outside the box and develop the tools to succeed as adults. "Sure, it'd be great to have the next LeBron James come out of Milwaukee," he comments. "It'd be more important to have a young man or a young woman develop their skill set so they can become an owner of the Milwaukee Bucks."

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