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Finding Lt. Hintz, 70 Years Later

Credit Courtesy of Martin Hintz
Courtesy of Martin Hintz
A tribute to the late Lt. Loren Hintz, erected at the excavation site of his crash.

Near the end of World War II, Army Air Corps Lt. Loren Hintz was based in Italy, when his plane was shot down. He was considered missing in action, until parts of the wreckage were found a while later and he was declared to have been killed. But the crash site was never found - before this year.

Milwaukee writer Martin Hintz was not yet born when his father died. This summer, a team of people helped him uncover his father’s crash site in Italy. 

"We were just so lucky to find him, and just remember all the other service personnel for all of the wars. This is the week we remember, and today is the day that we remember, Veteran's Day," says Hintz. "My dad didn't have the opportunity to become a veteran, but it's to remember everybody who sacrificed. [It's] not just his story, it's our country's story."

Joy is a WUWM host and producer for Lake Effect.