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Ex Fabula: Caught In The Act

Art Montes
Storyteller Adam White

The upcoming week is a big one, for Ex Fabula and the entire country. Wisconsinites will head to the polls for the midterm elections on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Just after Election Day, Ex Fabula will hold our second Friday StorySlam of Season 10. The stories in this week's show are just a warm-up for the, Caught in the Act StorySlam. 

Storyteller Adam White, recalled during the My Life of Crime StorySlam in November 2015 how a late night date at George Webb’s turned into a nightmare. Two men walked into the downtown diner and held up the customers and the staff, stealing pocket change, tips and purses. Adam and his date weren’t able to escape the restaurant before they were robbed as well. The cops later pulled the robbers over for speeding and caught one as the other ran away. Adam had spent many hours at the Milwaukee County Courthouse repeatedly testifying against that suspect — but it wasn’t until years later that he received an unexpected thank you from the city of Milwaukee.

Our second story, told at the Forbidden Fruit StorySlam in April 2013, also involves the police — and a reminder to stay off of private property. Jeff Cannel grew up in tiny Alma, Wis., a town with just two streets running between a bluff and the Mississippi River. The bluff uphill from his family’s home was a great place to roam and have fun with friends. But when Jeff and his buddies decided to cut down some apple trees to build a fort, it resulted in a run-in with the local police officer, Fritz, who informed them that “the woods” actually belonged to someone. And, no, he didn’t fall for the bribe of free apples.

Ex Fabula's Caught in the Act Storyslam will be held at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 9 at Kochanski's Concertina Beer Hall (1920 S. 37th St., Milwaukee). If you're interested in volunteering with Ex Fabula, our next orientation will be held Wednesday, Nov. 7 at the Martin Luther King Jr. Branch of the Milwaukee Public Library (310 W. Locust St., Milwaukee).

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