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Ex Fabula: Merry Family Memories

Art Montes
Storyteller Barbara Leigh

It’s the final weekend before the Christmas holiday, so what better time to revisit dear memories from holidays past? From starting your own family traditions to looking back with love on a perfectly snowy night, these stories are sure to warm your heart.

For Barbara Leigh, the commercialism of Christmas inspired the creation of a family tradition that has lasted since the ‘70s. As she shared during the “Traditions” StorySlam in December 2017, she was living in a spooky old farmhouse in Spring Green and wanted to energize her walls with some positive holiday warmth. She invited her family over, asking them to only bring fun, silly gifts that could be passed around in a game. Similar to musical chairs, when the music stopped, you had to open the present you were holding. It was a success, and has carried on to this day – and will continue, in rough times and in the good times.

Credit Art Montes
Storyteller Margaret Siebers

Our second teller, Margaret Siebers, shared her memory of a snowy Winter Solstice at her family’s cabin on the lake side of lower Michigan at the “Perfect Storm” StorySlam in December 2016. Her family decided to have an outdoor fire, so Margaret and her sister walked down to the shoreline to dig out the fire pit and created a snow bank to protect them. They later had a spectacular fire on which they cooked dinner and drank warm cider with whiskey. Despite the intense snow storm that was starting to roll in, they kept warm by the fire for an unforgettable night outdoors.

Listen to these tales of holiday warmth here: 

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