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Ex Fabula: Love & Friendship

Art Montes
Storyteller Sandy B.

Valentine’s Day is more than just a retail excuse to celebrate pink and red and sell cards and chocolate. To many, it’s a sentimental holiday to share with loved ones, or to remember those we’ve loved. This week’s stories focus on the very early stages of connection with your valentine – and how even the most heartbreaking endings can have silver linings.

As Sandy B. told the audience at October’s “Crush” StorySlam, love doesn’t always happen at first sight. In fact, when she first met her husband in an English class as a college freshman, she didn’t like him much at all. He was disruptive and derailed discussions by pushing the buttons of both the teacher and Sandy. Soon enough, though, his sense of humor, aftershave scent, and likeness to a famous actor convinced her to give him a chance. More than 50 years later, is he still wearing that aftershave?

Credit Art Montes
Storyteller Barbara Leigh

Our second teller Barbara L. fondly shared stories of her partner Robert at the “Karma” StorySlam last March. They spent 20 years together before he passed, which was unfortunate for many reasons – one being it left Barbara alone in her apartment.

Barbara was connected with a young woman who needed a place to stay in the city, where she had just gotten a new job. The two women hit it off right away, and soon Barbara had a lovely roommate who helped her with her computer, made delicious breakfasts and even played piano.

Upcoming events: The next competitive StorySlam, with the theme of “Damaged Goods,” will be held at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 20 at Lakefront Brewery.