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Stewart Huff Talks 'Philosophical Comedy'

Comedian Stewart Huff

Stewart Huff has been on the standup comedy circuit for the past 15 years. In that time he’s performed in comedy clubs nationally and internationally, including the Improv in Los Angeles and New York, and he’s been part of the HBO Las Vegas Festival, where his act can be viewed on pay-per-view. He also has three comedy CDs to his credit, including the latest, Stewart Huff, Probably.

Growing up in Knoxville Tennesseee, Huff began performing comedy after he dropped out of college to be a writer. His unique approach to comedy does not fit the norm, and what he says is often unexpected. Focusing on the faults of humanity, Huff sticks to his storytelling roots and combines it with his personal wit. He explains that his own comedic influences were outside of the norm due to not only what gained his interest, but availability.

"When I was in high school buying used records in a junk shop they were one dollar a piece," says Stewart. "A new Eddie Murphy cd cost thirteen dollars, so I bought Dick Gregory instead of Eddie Murphy because I only had a dollar."

Living primarily on the road touring across the country, Huff's comedic style has garnered both laughs and tense moments.

"(One time a man) walked straight up to me, and I was scared man, and he goes: 'I don’t like what you said, but you said some good things. And you said them well. Alright.' And then he walked away and I heard the woman he was with go, 'Good job, honey.'"

Despite the unpredictable nature of being a touring comedian, Huff embraces all of its aspects - particularly in learning from a bad performance.

"Half of my schedule at least, I'm walking through the front door and in my head I'm thinking my material isn't going to work tonight. But it's going to be better tomorrow than it is today," says Huff.

Comedian Stewart Huff headlines the Underground Collaborative’s The Grand Comedy Show Saturday evening in Milwaukee. The show takes place in the Arcade Theatre, located in the basement of the Grand Avenue Mall.

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