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Reports of Police Warning Spectators at State Capitol

Several people watching the daily protests at the Wisconsin Capitol say police have warned them, they could be arrested and fined.

For more than a week, officers have been handcuffing and citing demonstrators who have continued to gather daily, without a permit. Now, there is video of police warning what appear to be onlookers, a floor above, that they could be linked with protests.

The Walker administration enacted rules months ago, requiring groups of four or more, to obtain a permit, in order to demonstration at the Capitol. Last month, a federal judge ruled that the state could ask groups of 20 or more to obtain permission.

In the meantime, several groups are challenging the constitutionality of the rules.

Protesters have gathered daily in the rotunda for more than two years, to sing and criticize the Walker administration.

In the past few weeks, police have issued at least 160 citations for failing to comply with the new rule.

Stephanie Marquis, spokeswoman for the Dept. of Administration released the following statement late Wednesday:

“Observers will not receive citations. The group is being cited for not complying with the law and court order that requires them to get a permit. The Capitol Police have already stated they would approve a permit for the noontime singers if they would apply. The permit is free and the group could continue to say and sing the same things they are today.”