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Walker Urges Wisconsin GOP to Focus on Surplus and Tax Breaks

Gov. Scott Walker pushed aside chatter of secession and nullifying federal programs during his speech Saturday at the GOP state convention.

At the weekend gathering in downtown Milwaukee, the incumbent easily won Republican delegates' endorsement for re-election. He told attendees to share the message that his administration and the GOP-controlled Legislature has delivered tax breaks and a budget surplus.

Delegates also voted down several items that a convention committee had advanced, including a call for state leaders to consider secession and nullifying federal programs such as the Affordable Care Act, if they were deemed detrimental to Wisconsin and it had no other recourse.

Attendees formally stated opposition to the ACA and to Common Core, the educational standards that leaders from across the country developed for America's schools.

Party representatives also voted in favor of expanding charter and voucher schools, reforming voting procedures and advancing 'right to work' legislation. It allows workers in the private sector to decide whether to belong to the union in their workplace.