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Milwaukee Supervisors Vote to Provide Free Rides to DMV Offices for Voter IDs


The Milwaukee County Board voted unanimously on Thursday to spend $1,300 transporting people who must visit a DMV office to apply for a state ID.

A federal appeals court told the state this month, that it can enforce its Voter ID law. It requires people to present government-issued photo identification, in order to vote on November 4.

Supervisor Khalif Rainey says about 91,000 minority adults in Milwaukee County don't have the required identification. In addition, he says many don't have their own means of transportation.

The resolution the board approved, instructs county transportation officials to work up a plan in consultation with the DMV. It processes state ID applications.

State leaders have also instructed the agencies to process, for free, the birth certificates or other documents some people may need to obtain identification. The Wisconsin Supreme Court recently told the state, that its Voter ID plan cannot exact a cost on voters. 

“The recent court ruling requiring voter ID has created chaos. It amounts to a poll tax, and we need to do everything in our power to see to it that people get the necessary identification to allow them to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote,” Rainey says.

Wisconsin's Voter ID law has been on hold, for the past couple years, because of court challenges.

The county resolution now heads to County Executive Abele.

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