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Wisconsin Could Eliminate Waiting Period for Handgun Purchases

Wild Geese -

For 40 years, Wisconsin has required a waiting period - it's been 48-hours, so the state can run a background check.

Supporters of a bill to scrap the waiting period insist the state Justice Dept. no longer needs 48-hours to check the background of interested handgun buyers. State law does not allow certain people to possess handguns, mainly felons.

Racine GOP Sen. Van Wanggaard says, in the digital age, the state can process background checks almost instantly. 

An Assembly committee held a public hearing on the bill last week, and Gov. Scott Walker reportedly supports the change.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Walker told the National Rifle Association's news network several days ago, that he wants the state to lead on the issue.

At last week's hearing, Dem. Assemblyman Fred Kessler suggested an amendment to the bill, that would still require a waiting period for people who had been arrested multiple times for domestic abuse.

Proponents of the waiting period contend it can give some people in emotional distress, time to cool-off.