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So Far, 5,500 Milwaukee County Residents Have Signed Up for GO Pass


On May 1st, the Milwaukee County Transit System began visiting senior and community centers so more people could apply for a GO Pass.

The program launched March 31, 2015 and allows all Milwaukee County residents over age 64, and residents with disabilities as defined by the Federal Transit Administration, to ride the bus for free.

Ordinarily, people must apply for the pass at the transit system headquarters on North 17th Street, but spokesman Brendan Conway says officials know not everyone can get to that location, and some might want to stay closer to home. 

The GO Pass contains the person's photo and is a smart card. "When they use the bus, they tap it," Conway says.

Senior citizens applying for the program must show photo identification. People with disabilities must also present a doctor’s note on official letterhead.

Conway says word is spreading. "Rides have gone up significantly every week, and so we’re already at 150,000 rides," he says.

County leaders are also keeping tabs of the program’s financial impact.

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