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Milwaukee: Quarantine Isn't Over If You've Tested Positive For Coronavirus, Says Barrett

Testing Site Sign That Reads, "Parking for CORONAVIRUS testing only."
Olivia Richardson
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says police are mainly educating people about stay-at-home practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. But if you’ve tested positive for the coronavirus and you’re refusing to isolate, then that’s a different ball game.";s:3:

While the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down Gov. Tony Evers' safer-at-home order last week, Milwaukee still has its own policy in effect. The order has no expiration date, and Mayor Tom Barrett hopes residents willingly comply with the restrictions.

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Barrett says police will only be used as a means of enforcement if officers must step in. 

“Twice in the last couple days, the Milwaukee police have had to issue a quarantine order for individuals who have tested positive but who have refused to stay at home," he explains.

Barrett also says police primarily have been used to educate people about safer-at-home practices. However, refusing to isolate if you’ve tested positive for the coronavirus is a different ball game.

“We are very concerned about you spreading that to other individuals. It essentially tells people if you violate this order you can be prosecuted, and you can be fined,” says Barrett.

In one of the cases, the individual breaking the rules was identified when a family member told the health department that the person was returning to work. The health department then notified the police, according to Barrett.

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