Autumn Equinox Brings Longer Nights and Cooler Days

Sep 21, 2017

The days have been getting shorter since mid-June - the Summer Solstice, but now things start to get serious. As we near the Autumn Equinox, the point at which night is a larger part of our lives than day, our days will continue to get shorter. 

"The sun is going to rise due east and it’s going to set due west. That doesn’t happen on any other day, except the two equinoxes," says Lake Effect astronomy contributor, Jean Creighton. 

Many communities mark the solstices and the equinoxes with celebrations, noting the seasonal changes and the affects that has on our daily lives. 

Creighton says, "I think it all comes down to, we want to know when the lights are going to be on, we want to celebrate that change of pace in our daily lives."