Despite New Electric Cars, Hybrids Dominate the Market

Aug 23, 2016

For a long time, electric vehicles were neither practical nor especially affordable. To add insult to injury, you also couldn’t go very far in them before you needed an often hard to find charging station.

But Tesla’s newest Model 3 is the first mass produced electric car. It will also be the company’s most affordable car to date with a list price starting at $35,000. And the distance you can go between charges has improved to 215 miles.

"Tesla's the iPhone of cars, it is the hot new thing that's out there and it makes sense. The cars themselves have only been out there for five/six years now," says auto contributor Mark Savage.

Even with its "more affordable" price, Tesla's electric vehicle still has a long way to go to become mainstream. Savage notes that it will be some time before they gain traction across the United States.

"There's already hybrids out there that are well under ($35,000)," he says. "So if you want a car that either gets great gas mileage or is all electric you have choices."

Mark Savage writes the auto review column, Savage on Wheels, for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He is also the editor of American Snowmobiler magazine.