Ex Fabula: The Beat Goes On

Jan 5, 2019

Ex Fabula's Leah Delaney with WUWM's Bruce Winter.
Credit Leah Delaney

As the year winds down, it’s natural to reflect on memories of the year and the things we’re grateful for. From bittersweet or funny, to poignant, these reflections are an appropriate segue to our resolutions, intentions and commitments for 2019.

Our first story is one near and dear to our hearts. Ex Fabula co-founder Leah Delaney pays loving tribute to WUWM’s Program Director Bruce Winter, who passed away in November. Leah remembers meeting Bruce at the WUWM studio downtown each week to record the show, which the two co-hosted. He would greet her by the glass doors to the office, sometimes even dancing his way over. Bruce was a friend and supporter of Ex Fabula, committed to educating the community about this nonprofit and the power of storytelling. He loved to tell his own stories as well – and his passing reminds us all to live in the moment, enjoy the stories we hear for the gifts that they are, and give thanks for the good people in our lives. Thank you, Bruce, for everything.

Storyteller Mark Winberg
Credit Art Montes

Our second teller continues the theme of storytelling as a tribute to a loved one who has passed. At the “Generations” StorySlam in September, Mark Weinberg connected the death of his father to the birth of his daughter, with a story that may give you goosebumps. Two years after his father died of pancreatic cancer, Mark was again in the hospital as his wife gave birth to their daughter. When the doctor gave him his baby for the first time, he swore his father’s face was there - for just a second. His daughter grew up to be very similar to his father, in fact, and he is appreciative of being the link between them.

You can listen to Leah and Mark tell their stories of lost loved ones here:

As we dive into 2019, a whole new year of storytelling has begun! Visit www.exfabula.org for all upcoming events!