Real Estate Practices Evolve To Fit Consumer Needs During Coronavirus Pandemic

Apr 1, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has most of us staying at home. But that can be difficult when you’re trying to sell or buy a home — and perhaps most difficult when you’re the person trying to help people buy or sell a home.

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But despite the obvious complications, realty agent Ginger Lazovik says business is charging ahead at full speed with the help of some digital aids. 

"There's a few different ways we can show houses right now. We do have things like video tours ready and available to go for clients ... We also have the ability to FaceTime clients through houses," says Lazovik.

"That would be, the realtor entering the house, taking any precautionary measures necessary — in terms of hand sanitizer, avoiding touching doors, et cetera — but holding their phone, FaceTiming the client through, the client can ask questions, you can zoom in, you can go as fast or slow as the client wants."

Lazovik says it's pretty close to walking a client through the home and gives them a more personalized look at the property. Although the transition to these technologies has been difficult for some, she's optimistic that this pandemic could lead to more options for clients, extending beyond the length of the stay-at-home order. 

"As this proceeds, all of us will become more technologically savvy than we ever have, which will be interesting going forward because as we learn these new ways of communicating, I think that will actually serve us all well," she explains. 

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