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Lani Hall and Her Musical Endeavors


Lani Hall is a prominent world class singer whose debut began with the group Brasil 66, who later signed to Herb Alpert’s record label A&M Records, Herb and Lani then began working collectively together to make music.

Lani describes sharing music and creating music as “thrilling” because of the constant spontaneity that works to revive the music, specifically jazz, because it is a style of music that has no hard edge parameters. The philosophy of jazz is to improvise, so it becomes a completely new experience for both the musician and the audience.

Another vital part of performing is the dynamic between the musicians, they all play roles and segments within music. They might all have different visions or images circling about when performing but that is where much of the excitement stems from because spontaneity heightens the senses.

Additionally to music, Hall wrote a book in 2012 by the name of Emotional Memoirs & Short Stories, it relates stories of various women life changing situations. Though some stories and fact and others fictions, Lani’s love for music in embedded in clear cut ways. She reveals how she feels about the craft and skill of singing and how singing is an essential aspect not only to her musical life but to the person that she is.

The book was written over a course of 30 years and Hall describes it as “revealing of her character”, which would provide fans with additional appreciation of her and music. Furthermore, for Hall writing and music all originate from the same place of creative expression.

Herb and Lani Alpert will be performing in the Pasbt Theater June 1st, viewing their aggregate past, one can only expect more great things from the powerful duo.