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Thursday on Lake Effect: The Impact of Hillary Clinton, the Toll of Caregiving, Timothy Westbrook

Thursday on Lake Effect:

Hillary Clinton is now officially a candidate for president.  But one expert says Hillary isn’t the point – rather it’s that a woman is a strong candidate. Then, why some children are thrown into the role of caregiving for their chronically or terminally ill relatives, and the toll it takes on them. We’ll catch up with designer and environmentalist Timothy Westbrook, and we’ll meet the Wisconsinite who makes sure it’s “hakuna matata” for the Lion King puppets on stage…


  • Dorothy Q. Thomas, women’s & human rights leader
  • Melinda Kavanaugh, professor at UW-Milwaukee’s Helen Bader School of Social Welfare
  • Timothy Westbrook, designer
  • Bruce Paul Reik, Lion King puppetmaster