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Christina Boyd uses social media to educate others on Wisconsin history

Christina Boyd

Some of us turn to social media to decompress, perhaps just to mindlessly scroll. But, social media has increasingly become a platform for discussions on social justice, as well as a space where we can learn from others' experiences.

UW-Milwaukee student Christina Boyd is using Instagram to educate her followers about Wisconsin history, social justice, and current events. Her account, called Woke Wednesdays 414, was created in June of 2020 with the goal of educating people on the finer details of the political happenings going on around them.

“Seeing the sides of people who didn't understand and the people who were just now starting to understand really motivated me,” says Boyd. “So it was definitely just a reaction to that and also just tensions boiling over in 2020.”

On her account, Boyd covers everything from local food insecurity, explanations on defunding police, to unpacking Black femininity. To accompany the discourse Boyd uses flashy, easily digestible, graphics.

“When I first started I kinda wanted to take the approach of doing what was trending or what people were talking about, but I feel like over time I kind of just do the topics that I’m most passionate about and whatever sticks with me,” says Boyd.

Boyd says she spends about five to six hours on just a single post to gather, dissect, and organize her research before presenting it on her account. Recalling her own experiences in the education system Boyd says that she aims to offer a more thorough and approachable way of talking about history.

“In all of my time in the education system we never really talked about Wisconsin history … There have been a lot of things that I learned that I wish I would have known sooner,” says Boyd.

When speaking about what motivates her to continue to create content for the account, Boyd mentioned her followers as something that keeps her going — highlighting that the support and appreciation she gets from the account lets her know that the work she puts in is worth it.

“I’ve had slumps where I didn't know if I wanted to do this anymore but when people comment on how I’ve touched them, it motivates me to keep going,” says Boyd.

Audrey is a WUWM host and producer for Lake Effect.
Beck Andrew Salgado was a producer with Lake Effect.
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