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Pandemic Pregnancies and Popsicles! gathers COVID-19 pregnancy stories

Pregnant woman.
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Pregnant person during last months of pregnancy holding baby bump.

The early days of the COVID-19 pandemic were filled with uncertainty and alone time. These fears and feelings of isolation could be especially difficult for pregnant people. As a result, the traditions and expectations of pregnancy all had to change on a dime. Milwaukee actor and artist N'Jameh Russell-Camara was one of those pregnant people.

Russell-Camara wanted to explore the many experiences of pregnancy during the pandemic, so she teamed up with local doula Hanna Barton to create the Pandemic Pregnancy Project. Out of this project, they launched a series called Pandemic Pregnancies and Popsicles!, where they will be highlighting stories of pregnancy during a time of unique challenges.

The project, and series it spawned, tackles such issues as misconceptions that come from working from home and balancing work life with a young child, says Russell-Camara. As well as feelings of isolation, Barton says — especially as it became common during the pandemic for doctor's appointments to not allow family members.

Russell-Camara says it can be a healing experience for participants to share their stories. "There is something beautiful about people sharing their story and them wanting to be heard so as to influence somebody else. So I think that in itself is a type of healing, whether it's coming full circle for someone or a release that needs to happen. There is beauty in sharing. And that's recognizing that even more so after they leave the room, and maybe they didn't realize they needed that until they did it," she says.

If you are interested in sharing your story, email: pandemicpregnancyproject@gmail.com.

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