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Journalist Nyesha Stone and her online publication help spread positivity in Milwaukee

Courtney Hart and Nyesha Stone
Lily Shea
Carvd N Stone
Journalist and founder of Carvd N Stone Nyesha Stone (right) poses with Courtney Hart (left), winner of 2021 CNS scholarship.

Milwaukee native Nyesha Stone noticed a void in the media market — it was lacking a publication that exclusively covered positive, local and community-focused news. Driven by a desire to connect with people in positive life moments, Stone founded Carvd N Stone her own online publication dedicated to positive Milwaukee news and community engagement.

Nyesha Stone, journalist and founder of Carvd N Stone
Justin Gordon
Nyesha Stone, journalist and founder of Carvd N Stone

Stone says, "I do [Carvd N Stone] because there's literally no one else doing it. When people watch the news or hear the term 'news,' you know what they think: negative — shootings, killings, political scandals."

She founded her publication while attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. During her sophomore year, she developed a passion for reporting stories.

"[These experiences] really taught me a lot about human beings, the journalism world and how it really is about getting the story and connecting with people. ... Because [the media covers] so many negative things, we only connect with people when they're in tragedy. So, you don't really get to know the person; you only get to know their pain," she says.

Carvd N Stone strives to disrupt this narrative here in Milwaukee, and eventually, globally, Stone says. The publication currently operates in Milwaukee as well as in Atlanta, GA, but she has long-term plans to expand it and its areas of operation.

As for impact on Milwaukee, Stone says the positive stories aren't the only way Carvd N Stone achieves this. It also offers scholarships. "Two of [three total scholarships] will go to creatives," she explains. "So, if you're 17 to 28 years old and you create things, whether [as] a videographer, a musician, a writer, a dancer or choreographer, this is the scholarship for you, ... $3000 can be used for whatever you want." The third scholarship will go to a Milwaukee Public Schools high school senior who will be going to college.


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