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Song Premiere: The Civil Wars' 'Dust To Dust' Is An Ode To The End

John Paul White and Joy Williams are The Civil Wars
John Paul White and Joy Williams are The Civil Wars

Joy Williams and John Paul White are The Civil Wars, a duo of passionate performers. The first time I saw them perform there were such positive sparks flying between them, but these days they can barely speak to one another. The Civil Wars are about to release a new album — their second and probably their last for a while or perhaps forever ... we shall see. Today we have a new song for you by Joy and John Paul, a ballad called "Dust to Dust."

What I like most in this song is also the thing this pair of musicians does best, what Johnny Cash and June Carter did best: a conversation, a duet between two people with underpinnings of tension that add to and even confuse the meaning of the song. "Dust To Dust," seems to be a dialogue between two singers who make every inflection count when they sing:

John Paul: "You're like a mirror, reflecting me"
Joy: "Takes one to know one, so take it from me"
John Paul: "You've been lonely"
Joy: "You've been lonely"
John Paul and Joy: "Too long, We've been lonely, We've been lonely, too long"

The Civil Wars' self titled album comes out August 6. You can pre-order the album now.

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