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Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Julien' Will Make You Cry At The Club

Carly Rae Jepsen, noted Scorpio and mystic, feels a lot — perhaps too much. With the release of Dedicated soon approaching, she's unveiled a swoon-worthy, imminently dance-able ode to "Julien." Her catastrophic heartbreak, on full display, is temporarily held at bay by swelling guitar lines and disco squiggles.

This isn't the first time she's concealed her deeply-felt passions, whether it be through meta "cat lady" gags or a send-up of Rachael Leigh Cook's anti-drug PSA. When your feelings spill in excess, or your love is too passionate, there's not much else to do than obscure these feels with verve, humor and self-deprecation.

"Julien" feels ripe for crying at the club, a time-tested tradition celebrated by every pop queen from Whitney Houston to Robyn. Here, though, where other pop royalty would have belted their way past their sadness, Jepsen wallows, the wound still oxygenating and new.

"Another bad dream where you are running away / I'm forever haunted by your time," she sings of the titular Julien, who seems to have vanished from their relationship just as soon as the commitment broached a new level of intensity. Lyrically, it brings to mind Norwegian pop saint Annie's "Anthonio," another number where the plentiful faces, all blurred together by strobe lights and inebriation, make you feel more alone.

Dedicated is out May 17. "No Drug Like Me" and "Now That I Found You," as previously reported, will both be on the record. "Party for One" will officially be on the album, as well — closing out the deluxe digital edition.

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