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David (Dave) Kozlowski, along with his wife Sandy Raduenz, owns and operates Pinehold Gardens, an organic produce farm in Oak Creek, Wis. The pair left their full-time office careers in their 40’s to pursue farming. They have offered a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program since 1994 and became owners of Pinehold in 2004. The farm also serves the community through restaurants and farm markets.

Dave not only loves growing fresh quality food, but also works to educate members and nonmembers on sustainable food and energy issues and illustrate the importance of community in our food system. He’s motivated by the opportunity to make the world just a little better.

Pinehold Gardens

While the stay-at-home order has us remaining in place, it’s also sparked interest in getting outside and gardening as another way to provide food and limit what you’ll need at the grocery store.

But if you’re considering growing food for the first time, knowing what to plant and when can be a big task. WUWM farming contributor Dave Kozlowski of Pinehold Gardens in Oak Creek plans to keep planting and harvesting as normal, with the hope of a farmers market in the near future.

Pinehold Gardens

Earlier this week, health officials in 16 Milwaukee County municipalities, including the city, have ordered bars and restaurants to close to help slow the spread of COVID-19. That's the disease caused by the coronavirus.

>>Coronavirus: Restaurants Face Potential Loss Of Employees, Revenue Amid Shutdowns

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Summer officially begins this week, but it hasn’t felt like it. All around the region, and even the country, farmers’ fields are flooded, preventing many farmers from both planting and harvesting crops they depend on for their livelihood.


Whether it’s snow at the end of April or an unusually warm January, climate change is on many of our minds. And while the change is having an impact on the things that grow in Wisconsin, the agriculture industry itself has an effect on the climate. The work of commercial growers emits as much as a quarter of the greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere.

Village Farmstead

Dave Kozlowski owns and operates Pinehold Gardens in Oak Creek with his wife, Sandy Raduenz. When they were first getting started, fellow farmers were a big help with the steep learning curve.

Now, the mentee is becoming the mentor.

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Lake Effect has covered several stories on the farm-to-table, or locavore movement, at restaurants and among some consumers. But when it comes to your weekly grocery shopping, how much of it involves support for local agriculture?

The view from two Wisconsin farmers: not enough.

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On a below zero day following a snowstorm, it’s hard to imagine the farm fields around Wisconsin at harvest time. But that’s what farmers are always thinking about, or at least about getting the next season's crops in.

It’s been a while since we’ve chatted with contributor Dave Kozlowski about his work at Pinehold Gardens.  Since things are a little slow on the farm — the ground is frozen and covered in snow — he has time to chat about what might have been his most challenging year to date.

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Small farms represented 46 percent of production in the United States in 1991.  But by 2015, that share had fallen to under 25 percent, according to the US Department of Agriculture.  Among dairy farms in Wisconsin, the numbers are striking - the state topped out at 167,000 in 1940 and now has just 9,000.

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There are some people who cannot cook without garlic, it’s an integral part of some cuisines.

The plant is part of the allium family, which also contains onions, scallions, leeks, shallots, and chives. But contributor Dave Kozlowski of Pinehold Gardens says that farming garlic is a bit different from most of the other produce he grows.

"Garlic is such an interesting plant...because it is a vegetable, but it's not; and it's a spice and a herb, but it's not; and it's a medicinal plant, but it's not. It's all of those but it's none of those - it's garlic," he jokes.

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Home-grown, native, seasonal... These buzz words are big in the food industry. But why should you care about whether an apple is local -- in picked from a farm up the road or grown in the United States?

One person who believes strongly that local makes a big difference is contributor Dave Kozlowski of Pinehold Gardens in Oak Creek. He says that local is a term that "means something to everybody, and it means something different oftentimes to everybody."

Photo by Ruth Guenther / Pinehold Gardens

Long hours at the office can put a real stress on any relationship, especially marriage. But how does the relationship dynamic change when a couple puts in long hours in the same job - or in the case of contributor Dave Kozlowski and and his wife Sandy Raduenz - the same field?

Kozlowski and Raduenz own and operate the organic produce farm Pinehold Gardens in Oak Creek. Neither of them were born into farming, but instead decided to pursue the physically demanding and rewarding profession together in their 40s.

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For Thanksgiving, Lake Effect is examining the many roles food plays in our lives - both for the holiday and beyond our yearly feast. From learning about the continental history of Thanksgiving foods to fighting cancer with produce, there is a lot we can thank food for in our lives.

In our Full Plate series, Lake Effect has been exploring the many facets of agriculture, from city bee farms to the history of our state fair to how teaching agriculture to communities can help cities in the long run.

Audrey Nowakowski

It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon at Pinehold Gardens in Oak Creek as guests park off-road and make their way to a long table.

Adorned with a white table cloth and wildflowers, the table is set up on the side of a field full of kale, wildflowers, and other rows of produce.

The occasion for this special (and literal) farm to table dinner is a fundraiser for the Racine Area Youth Farm Corps Program, a branch of the  Eco-Justice program.

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Summer is in full swing, and for many that means regular visits to a local farmers’ market. Since 1994, the number of farmers’ markets in the country has grown from less than two thousand to nearly nine thousand - and that's just counting the ones registered in the US Department of Agriculture’s directory. In fact, there are over 350 markets within 100 miles of Milwaukee.

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If you travel about seven miles south of Milwaukee County's airport, you’ll find one of the last farms that is run full-time by the people who own and live on the land they farm. David Kozlowski and Sandy Raduenz own Pinehold Gardens, and have grown produce using organic methods for the past 23 years.